Welcome to fishinacar!

I am very proud and pleased to present to you this newly launched blog. Founded at the beginning of 2010, fishinacar studios was setup by Adrienna for her love of food, travelling, and last but not least photography. This blog is not only a space for Adrienna to explore and express her creativity,  it is also a journal about the things that she loves and is passionate about.

Realising her passion and dream about becoming a photographer (specialising in wedding and food photography), this blog is a starting point to that dream which Adrienna hopes to turn into reality one day…

It is with the same hope that you too will be inspired to live your dreams and see the world through a different lens.

Don’t just be inspired, be moved!

Note: Be sure to check for weekly updates! Slowly but surely, I will be making changes and upgrading both my blog and website to bring you a more engaging experience.