World Press Photo 2010

My Weekend Part 2

I was fortunate enough to check out the 2010 World Press Photo Exhibition in Sydney on its final weekend and I must say that it was an eye-opening and moving experience – from both an observer and photographer’s point of view.  While some of the images were very disturbing in nature, I also felt that they were stunning, profound, touching and beautiful in its own way.  The photos evoked all types of emotions and feelings: pain, anguish, pride, thankfulness, peacefulness… it was indeed thought provoking!  So much so that it felt as though the photographer was calling out to each and every one of the audience to not just be a spectator as such but to actually feel and see what he/she felt and saw at that exact moment the photograph was taken.  It’s like I was being brought back into the past to the actual event, witnessing it firsthand.  I remember walking out of it thinking to myself, how blessed am I…

The photos are broadly grouped into the following categories:
Arts and entertainment | Contemporary issues | Daily life | General news | Nature | People in the news | Portraits | Sports actions | Sports features | Spot news

About the exhibition
The annual World Press Photo Exhibition is the best known of World Press Photo’s activities and is a leading event in the organization’s calendar.  Every year following the World Press Photo Contest, the winning images go on tour.  In April, the exhibition is officially opened in Amsterdam and can be seen at venues around the globe until March of the next year.  The tour program takes in approximately 100 cities in 45 countries and is still expanding. 

The exhibition is a showcase for creativity in photojournalism and a platform for developments in the profession, part of World Press Photo’s aim of encouraging and stimulating the work of press photographers around the world.  The show also attracts a broader public and, because of the wide-ranging focus of the contest, forms an eyewitness record of world events from the previous year.

Updates: As of March 2011
The 2010 World Press Photo is still currently on exhibition in Kitzingen and Chemnitz.
A copy of the winning photos can be found here.

The 2011 World Press Photo exhibition will be on tour starting on 22 April 2011.  It will be coming to Australia in June/July this year and I highly recommend for you to check it out! 🙂

Exhibition details
Brisbane Powerhouse: 4 – 26 June 2011 (entry is free)
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm; Weekends 10am-4pm 
General inquiries: (07) 3358 8600 or

State Library of NSW, Sydney: 1 – 24 July 2011 (entry is free) 
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9am-8pm; Friday, 9am-5pm; Weekends 10am-5pm 
General inquiries: (02) 9273 1414 or

Check out the World Press Photo website to view the 2011 WPP winners photo gallery.
You can view a copy of the winning photos at “Boston Globe – The Big Picture